Graeagle Men's Golf Association
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Meeting Date
January 31
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • It was noted that subsequent to the December 11,
    2008 Board Meeting Mark Machin tendered his
    resignation as Treasurer
  • Document “Budget Committee Recommendations for
    2007 & Subsequent Seasons” was handed out and
  • Tournament Chairman handed out a notice from the
    NCGA announcing the restructuring of the rules for
    increasing the number of teams at some events
  • - General discussion followed regarding the
    desirability of having more GMGA members
  • It was decided that the Board should take some
    time to consider the options and to take up this
    matter at the next Board Meeting
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman Report - motion
    was made by John Grasso and seconded by Bryan
    Hansen to increase the late fee from $10 to $20 for the
    2010 season
  • suggestion that the 2009 Club Directory not be printed
    until April 1 as at least 30 more individuals are
    expected to join
  • E-Mail Committee Member, reported that a
    consolidated and up-to-date E-Mail List needs to be
    made available to all Board Members
  • Dennis Cline, a Graeagle Firefighter, who has
    enthusiastically agreed to address Club members at
    the Spring General Meeting
  • Report that a survey of GMGA Website users to
    determine if there is sufficient interest in conducting a
    training session
  • The need for new bank account signature cards was
  • Report that he has obtained a second PO Box key from
    the Graeagle Post Office at a cost of $7
  • Report on the State of California’s proposal for a “Golf
March 10
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairman reported that the first Shotgun
    Scramble Tournament of the year is scheduled for April
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman reported
  • Handicap Chairmans Report
  • reported that there have been new rulings
    regarding “adjustable” clubs
  • stated that “square groove” wedges will be
    outlawed for amateurs in the year 2014
  • rule for range finding devices
  • E-Mail Committee Member, reported that a
    consolidated and up-to-date E-Mail List has been
    developed using a Gmail Account
  • John Grasso will contact Marc Terry (upon Marc’s
    return from Tucson) regarding the use of the funds the
    Club has set aside for the Junior Golf Program
  • Gary Kinkley brought up the question of funding a
    second Club team entry for some NCGA tournaments
  • Discussed a request for our mailing list of donors and
    sponsors for the Invitational Tournament and it was
    decided that it is not appropriate to provide the list to
April 13
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairmans Report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman Report - NCGA
    billing error was rectified
  • Discussion regarding the duties of the Handicap
  • Rules Chairman, reported back to the Board regarding
    the use of approximately $300. that has been set aside
    for Junior Golf
  • E-Mail Committee Member, reported that the GMGA E-
    Mail List is in use, is working well, and has
    approximately 185 recipients
  • It was decided not to make an announcement at the
    General Meeting regarding general member
    attendance at a Board Meeting
  • Two longtime members, Nat Snyder and Del Stockman,
    were nominated to be Honorary Members of the Club
  • General Meeting Agenda. The Board reviewed the
    agenda and approved the order of business items
May 5
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairman Report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman Report
  • Handicap Chairman Report
  • GMGA E-Mail List was used to distribute the second set
    of tournament flyers on Monday
  • Del Stockman and Nat Snyder were nominated to
    become Lifetime Honorary Members
  • Bryan Hansen recommended and made a motion that
    the Board formally approve the new Pace-of-Play policy
    and the new Posting Policy
June 23
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairman distributed a handout titled,
    “2009 GMGA Participation Report – 2008 vs. 2009”
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman Report
  • Invitational Committee Chairman, thanked all of the
    Board Members for their assistance in making this year’
    s Invitational Tournament a fun and successful event.
    He then handed out a detailed spreadsheet (attached)
    for the Invitational which compares budget vs actual
    income and expenses
  • Rules Chairman, reported that he is reviewing the
    hazard markings on and around the river and bridge on
    Hole #3
  • Bill Kennedy reported that the GMGA E-Mail List was
    used to distribute the third set of tournament flyers last
    week to 176 email recipients
  • Randy brought forward a request by Jim Adams to
    allow winners of NCGA qualifying events represent the
    club on consecutive years
  • A motion was made by John Grasso and seconded by
    Leo to provide bar services to the Ladies Club for their
    upcoming Invitational for three dollars per person
September 15
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • there was an unreconciled shortage of $600 in
    the Invitational account and an overage of
    $411.78 in the General account
  • These amounts have been adjusted through the
    cash flow reports’ inflows and outflows
  • will look into these differences to see if they can
    be resolved
  • Tournament Chairman’s Report - reported on his
    efforts with the golf course personnel and Graeagle
    Land & Water to have new tees installed on the course
    that would be more favorable toward ladies and shorter-
    hitting seniors
  • Membership Report
  • Leo Reihsen stated he had received letters from NCGA
    indicating dues will be increased
  • Invitational Report
  • Discussion on allocation of the net Invitational receipts
    to charities
  • Rules Chairman’s Report
  • Randy Peterson asked that a Nominating Committee be
    formed to review 2010 candidates for the Board
October 5
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairman’s Report - handed out the
    tentative 2010 Tournament Schedule which was briefly
  • Membership Report
  • Invitational Report
  • Rules Chairman’s Report
  • staking on Hole’s #1 and #3 had been completed
  • wording describing the staking on Hole #3 as
    written in the 9/15/09 minutes was unclear. Bill
    Kennedy will create revised wording and
    distribute a revised set of minutes for 9/15/09
  • Need for a new clubhouse computer password was
  • Gary Kinkley suggested that the forward tee
    qualification policy (years of age + handicap exceeds
    100) be changed to a lower threshold of 90
  • Nominating Committee Report
November 11
  • Bryan Hansen presented Leo Reihsen with an
    engraved gavel and base to be used by he and future
    Board President’s at Board Meetings
  • Leo Reihsen welcomed new Board Members
  • Jim Adams, Handicap Chairman
  • Ron Eaton, Director-at-large
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Budget Committee Report
  • Tournament Chairman’s Report - handed out the 2010
    Tournament Schedule
  • Bryan Hansen made a motion and John Lullo seconded
    it to rename the last tournament of the year from the
    “Cross Country” to the “Kinkley Kross Kountry Klassic”
  • Membership Report
  • Handicap Chairman’s Report - reported that his
    analysis of the Handicap Handbook requires that club
    members who winter in warmer regions are required to
    post their 20 most recent scores prior to returning to
    Graeagle for spring play
  • Gary Kinkley handed out a report titled, “GMGA
    ‘Complementary Members’ Analysis
  • Budget Committee - reviewed the perpetual costs that
    can be expected to be incurred for existing and
    potentially new Honorary Members
December 28
  • Invitational Chairman, conducted a planning sub-
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Tournament Chairman’s Report - new combo tees and
    the “pink” tees used for couples events
  • Membership Report
  • Bryan reported a new clubhouse computer password
    has been determined and has been distributed to
    others on a need-to-know basis
  • After considerable discussion, it was decided to keep
    the benefits received by honorary members at the
    current level
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