Graeagle Men's Golf Association
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Meeting Date
April 25
  • An update and history of the Graeagle Men’s Club
    Memorial Monument was provided
  • A request that had been made to the Board to
    consider a change in the manner in which the team
    for the NCGA North Sierra Zone Qualifier is
  • Vice President and Invitational Tournament
    Chairman presented an update on the status of
    planning for the Invitational Tournament
  • Treasurers report
  • Tournament Chairmans report
  • Couples Events Chair report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman report
  • Board reviewed the proposed wording of a change
    to the Local Rules, #5 concerning Water Hazards
  • President reviewed the procedures for collecting
    and distributing club mail
  • Handicap Chairman outlined the procedures he has
    established for distribution and posting the updated
    handicaps for the bulletin board and to the
    respective game day Captains
  • Rules Chairman, John Grasso, displayed a bulletin
    board poster prepared by the USGA, Golf Etiquette
    101 and asked to have it posted on the lounge area
    bulletin board in the Clubhouse
  • Communications Director reported that he has
    arranged with the Portola Reporter newspaper to
    provide them for publication game day and
    tournament event results on a weekly basis
  • President distributed copies of a draft of amended
    By-Laws which had previously been distributed
  • President then reported on his meetings with Head
    Golf Professional Bob Klein regarding pro shop
    credits from tournament and game day events
May 23
  • Treasurers report
  • Tournament Chairmans report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairmans report
  • Handicap Chairmans report
  • Rules Chairman reported that he has posted the
    USGA’s recently issued Rule 14 (1)(b) to be
    effective January 1, 2016
  • Communications Director report
  • Discussion was held concerning the meaning of the
    language adopted in the Directory whereby Section
    3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual was not to be
    used for “Sanctioned Events.”
  • The Travel Cup Captain had asked President to
    send a letter to Graeagle Land and Water about the
    green fees charged to visiting club members
  • After some discussion, it was determined that the
    policy is to create specific control over all funds
    collected by the Club, and that it should continue in
    its current form.
  • The amendments to the Club’s By Laws previously
    distributed and approved via e mail to all members
    of the Board of Directors was presented for
  • A draft copy of the amended GMGA’s Hole in One
    Policy was distributed for review
  • A discussion was held concerning the criteria and
    timeline for nominating candidates for the GMGA
    Memorial at the practice putting green
  • President presented an e mail solicitation from the
    NCGA to identify individuals for nomination for the
    NCGA’s Distinguished Service Award
  • President Franck then presented a form to be used
    by Play Day Captains for prize money from the
    Monday and Wednesday Play Days which is then
    transferred to the golf shop
  • Mr. Grasso discussed an idea which had been
    mentioned to him to sponsor a one time expense
    reimbursement for a lunch or breakfast to be
    determined by Scott Kotrc for members of the
    Graeagle Meadows GC grounds crew in recognition
    and gratitude
  • President reviewed an e mail received from a
    member who was concerned about the cost and
    benefits to members and the expenses incurred for
    the Invitational, including the annual contribution to
    various charitable organizations
June 27
  • financial report for the 2013 Graeagle Men’s Club
    Invitational distributed
  • Treasurers report
  • Tournament Chairmans report
  • Couples Events Chairmans report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairmans report
  • Handicap chairmans report
  • Rules Chairmans report
  • reviewed with the Board its support of the Junior
    Camp held at Graeagle Meadows which includes
    four scholarships to disadvantaged youth at the
    rate of $75 per scholarship and provide lunch to all
    participants at the Camp for three days
  • A discussion followed regarding certain of the local
    rules adopted by the Mens’ Club and markings of
    the golf course which should be reviewed.
  • The Board discussed the draft Hole In One policy
    and agreed that the consolidated report had
    addressed previous concerns with the existing policy
  • Discussion on formalizing a list to be used for future
    nomination and recognition of Lifetime Members
    and all members and former members for
    recognition on the Memorial Monument
  • Nominations Committee had met to identify a
    replacement for Secretary Membership Chairman
    Chuck Gielow who is unable to continue in that
  • President reported that Food Chairman, Jim Adams,
    has resigned as Food Chairman and that at this time
    he does not have a successor identified
  • A suggestion that all the policies should be
    consolidated and presented in a Policies and
    Procedure Manual
July 25
  • President asked Norm Miller to present the
    membership survey for tournament participation
    that Mr. Miller had drafted and distributed via e mail
  • Tournament Chairman report
  • Couples Events Chairman report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman report
  • Handicap Chairman report
  • Rules Chairman report
  • The Board agreed that changes to Local Rules can
    be made at the discretion of the Board, but that no
    changes would be made at this time
  • Communications Director report
  • Total budget allocation from discretionary funds for
    the current year to be $500 for web site setup
  • Discussion regarding contributions to the GEM Youth
  • The report on future nominations for Lifetime
    Members and the Memorial Tournament was tabled
    until the August meeting.
  • President reported that he is working on the
    development of a Policies and Procedure Manual
August 15
  • Treasurers report
  • The subject of contributions to the Graeagle
    Meadows Junior Golf Program was also discussed
  • Tournament Chairmans report
  • Couples Chairman report
  • Handicap Chairmans report
  • Communications Director report
  • Lifetime Achievement Award was discussed
  • President recommended the budget committee and
    Invitational Chairman examine anticipated expenses
    for the coming year then report back to the board
    with the estimated surplus of assets versus liabilities
  • remaining tournaments for 2013 were read in
    review in order to make sure arrangements are in
  • Consideration of a Local Rule on the #1 hole of the
    golf course was discussed player has the choices
    described under USGA rule 26-1.
  • Policies and Procedures Manual was discussed
  • Progress on Member Survey was discussed
  • Vacancies and Nominations for Election of Officers
    was discussed
September 12
  • limitation of entries to the Combo field which will be
    included in the 2014 Invitational were discussed
  • handicap chairmans report
  • letter was distributed from Marc Terry who
    conducts the Annual Junior Three Day Golf Camp
    thanking the Club for their sponsorship
  • draft local rule for the recent establishment of the
    water hazard on the left side of Hole #1 was
  • local rule for relief from aeration holes thru the
    green and on the putting surface was discussed
  • results of the member survey were discussed
  • a revision to the By-Laws had been discussed to
    combine the duties of the Handicap Chairman and
    the Rules Chair.
  • After discussion a motion was made to add the
    position of Food Chairman to the Board of Directors
  • At the Annual Membership Meeting on October 2 the
    plaque for awarding the Lifetime Service Award will
    be added to the agenda
October 22
  • Treasurers report
  • Player Participation report for the period from 2008
    – 2013 was discussed
  • Tournament Chairmans report
  • Secretary and Membership Chairman report
  • Membership application has a checkoff donation to
    GEM was discussed
  • Hole in One Assessment on the membership
    application form was discussed
  • discussion of the feasibility of having a Secretary –
    Membership Chairman who was not a resident of
    the Graeagle area during the winter season
  • Handicap chairmans report
  • Communications Director suggested that a motion
    be made to have the Board of Directors’ Meeting
    minutes published on the website
  • The final language of the amended By-Laws was
  • The Board discussed a report which President had
    distributed which provided a brief description of
    each of the charitable organization’s activities
  • An executive session was held
  • It was reported that the inscription of Ray Devine’s
    name to the monument was scheduled for October
    23, 2013
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