Graeagle Men's Golf Association
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Meeting Date
January 9
  • Financial Report
  • Tournament Schedule
  • By-Laws
January 20
  • Invitational Tournament
  • Entry into combo tee field
March 6
  • MOU negotiations
  • Notification to other clubs
  • Treasurer's report
  • Food Chairman's report
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Club Championship Date
  • Golden Tomahawk date on web incorrect
  • Membership numbers
  • Software on leased computer
  • Bag tag
  • President's letter update
April 17
  • Invitational report
  • Treasurer's report
  • Rule of 90 discussion
  • Hole handicap report and vote
  • Email address of members removal from web site
  • Food chairman's report
  • Declining membership concerns
  • Fire Hall reservations
  • Budget for 2014
May 6 (Special Meeting)
  • Medical exemption "rule of 90"
  • Changes to GMGA directory
May 22
  • Invitational report
  • Tournament duties reviewed
  • Lifetime Service members had been invited to
    attend the Saturday Night Dinner
  • Food Chair, George Fraser, requested that the site
    of the Saturday evening dinner be relocated to the
    Fire Hall from the Picnic Grounds
  • It was discussed that in order to increase the size of
    the field and raise additional entry fee revenue, a
    one year exception should be considered to allow
    Graeagle members to be paired as a team
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Dan Friedman had requested revisiting the multiple
    Club Championship event dates
  • Couples Chair reported the Men’s Club next couples
    event will be the Jack ‘N’ Jill tournament in July.
  • Secretary, Chuck Gielow, reported that the minutes
    of the Spring Member’s meeting had been
    distributed to Board members for their review
  • Membership Report
  • Communications Chair, Norm Miller, reviewed the
    current construction of the combined website used
    by members of the Men’s club and the Women’s
  • Food Chairmans report
  • President reviewed that he is currently welcoming
    new members with a personal letter to each one
  • President continued the regular review of declining
    participation of members in club tournament events
  • George Fraser discussed his original proposal for
    the development of a Graeagle Men’s Club bag tag
June 17
  • Treasurer's report
  • Invitational evaluation
  • Late sign-ups
  • Progress on hole-by-hole data entry
  • Design for new web site
  • Request for board meeting for discussion of club's
    willingness to support full tournament schedule
  • Progress on Policies and Procedures manual
July 31
  • Progress on new web site
  • Treasurer's report
  • Couples Chairman report
  • Handicap Chairman report
  • Aging membership and updates to tournament
  • Charitable gifts to junior golf
August 26
  • Vice President Report
  • Communications Report
  • Couple Chair Report
  • Tournament Report
  • Handicap Report
  • Food Report
  • Nomination Committee Recommendations
  • Monday Madness - A request from was received
    from the Captain of Monday Madness to reinstitute
    Monday Madness as a sanctioned event for
    tournament participation ... motion was passed
  • Due to limits on time, the agenda item to review the
    membership age report prepared by Bryan Hansen
    was tabled to a subsequent meeting
  • Further discussion of possible alternative formats
    for future Invitationals was tabled to the next
October 14
  • Invitational charities distribution
  • Ratification of new board members
  • 2015 tournament schedule
  • Memorial marker
November 4
  • Welcome 2015 Board of Directors to their first
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Membership Report
  • Discussion about having something like a Friday
    afternoon event for younger working prospective
    members modeled after the Bandits
  • Motion to have each board member have dual
  • Motion to hold Couples Tournament Wednesday and
    Thursday, 8/19-8/20 a requested by the Women 's
  • NCGA Zone Championship taken off schedule and
    handed to volunteer Jack Gilbert to organize
  • Locations for Tournament dinners taken off
  • As approved by the 2014 Board of Directors, all
    future correspondence is to be sent by email and
    posted in the Club House
  • Motion to provide bag tags to members paid with
    discretionary club funds
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