Graeagle Men's Golf Association
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Meeting Date
April 23
  • Treasurer's report
  • Past President's report
  • No progress on Working Man's Play
  • Vice President's report
  • Picnic grounds need repair
  • Communications Director report
  • Tournament Director's report
  • Rules/Handicap report
  • Score cards being updated due to combo tee changes.
  • Food Chairman's report
  • Old business
  • Change to play after Spring Meeting
  • Office hours for Norm Miller, Fridays @
    10:00am in the Graeagle Meadows restaurant.
  • Please use the office hours rather than personal contact on the
    course or elsewhere.
  • Use member's e-mail addresses rather than g-mail address for
    everyday correspondence.
  • Invitational now open to all local men's clubs
  • Membership directory coordination
  • Combo tees on 9 & 15 finalized
  • NCGA flag given to the pro shop
  • Confirmed Jim Adams organizing charity tournament
  • Discussion of thank you letters for tee sponsors
July 29
  • Treasurer's report
  • Officer's report
  • Discussion regarding disbursement of charity monies
  • Discussion regarding having tournaments on weekends
  • New business
  • Discussion about withdrawal of reduced fees for new members late
    in the year
  • Letters sent to new members
  • Discussion about obtaining a list of Graeagle condo owners for
    prospective membership
  • Discussion about problems with Entry Form box
  • Discussion about problems with area behind #4 green and possible
    defining it as ground under repair for GMGA events
  • Old business
  • Discussion about computer workshop by Bill Hopp
  • Discussion about working Men's Play
August 21
  • Amendments to minutes for last meeting
  • Treasurer's report
  • President's report
  • Continued discussion of what to do with area behind #4 green
  • Vice President's report
  • Picnic area table repair put on hold
  • Bag tags approved to be paid from Invitational account
  • Tournament Chairman's report
  • Scramble to be played after Fall Membership Meeting
  • New business
  • Discussion about petitioning NCGA to hold Zone Qualifiers nearer to
    northern Ca. courses
  • Discussion of memorial markers as well as lifetime achievement
  • Discussion of Golden Tomahawk discrepancies
  • Old business
September 17
  • Treasurer's report
  • President's report
  • Atta Boy to be awarded at Fall General Meeting
  • Sent email to NCGA regarding zone qualifying with no reply as yet
  • Vice President's report
  • Discussion of picnic grounds repairs
  • Account Committee report
  • Using excess funds to reduce Invitational costs for next few years
  • Bag tags have been purchased and will be distributed at annual
  • Tournament Director's report
  • Draft copy of next year's tournament schedule distributed
  • Secretary/Membership chairman report
  • Discussion of the 2016 membership application
  • New business
  • No Memorial Marker or Lifetime Achievement award this year
  • All members except the treasurer position would continue on for
    2016. Bryan Hansen agreed to stand for the Treasurer position
  • Old business
September 30
General Membership Meeting
  • Treasurer's report
  • President's report
  • President or Vice President to continue holding "office hours" on
    Fridays until the course closes
  • Presented Atta Boy to Jim Adams for his excellent work on this
    year's Charity Tournament
  • Thanked Chris and staff for their support of weekly play days and
    tournament meals
  • Due to increasing work load said Treasurer Romero will be
    resigning and Mr. Hansen was nominated to fill the position
  • New officers approved by voice vote
  • Vice President's report
  • Picnic grounds repair on hold
  • Bag tags are finished and are available to be picked up
  • Tournament Director's report
  • Handicaps for tournament incorrect on card, will be corrected
  • Head Pro (Bob Kline)
  • Less Plugging this year
  • No work on 4th problems anticipated
  • Questions raised about delineating bad areas on 4th as Ground
    Under Repair
  • Match Play
  • Questions whether this should be singe or double elimination
  • Will be decided at a later date
  • Zone Championship
  • Graeagle won zone but lost championship
  • Still trying to get north zone played closer to Graeagle
October 1
  • Treasurer's report
  • New business
  • Discussion of distribution of proceeds from Charity Tournament
  • Ratification of 2016 board members
  • Cost of meat is increasing so tournament dinner prices will increase
  • Old business
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