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The Kinkley Klassic (AKA Cross Country) is the last official tournament of the
season. In this format the course is set up to be played in a manner not typical of
it's design.

The Cross Country format is one where the typical holes are abandoned and the
players will play the course in either the Orange or Pink courses. With these
courses players must rely on picking the perfect shot, based on capabilities, and
then execute the shot that was chosen. Rather than play a par 5 down the fairway
the players may be required to play a par 6 backwards through multiple holes. Par
3's may require players to navigate open fields, punch through a stand of trees or
find a hidden gem behind trees and a berm. One or more holes may be defined with
a certain profile but the "perfect shot" may actually be something quite different.
Shots over trees and into the rough may indeed be the optimal shot.

The links below will give you a written description of the holes, from last year, as
well as a visual representation that may give you a sense of where you are at and
where you are going. Using this information can also be invaluable to keep you safe
while navigating each course. Remember, SAFETY, is of prime importance when
traversing these courses.

Graeagle Men's Golf Association
Kinkley Klassic