Winter eSignup

Fill in the fields below to SIGNUP, UPDATE or DLETE a request to play on Winter.

For instructions please scroll to the bottom part of the page

ACTION: Sign-up - Initial step, please only use once for each Winter
Update -- Please use UPDATE to modify an existing entry
Cancel --- Please use CANCEL when not playing in Winter


First - Ensure you have Java Scripting enabled
Next - If the date you which to play is displayed in the box above do nothing
Next - To change the date Click in the box above
Next - Choose a date from the displayed calendar
Press the SUBMIT button once the desired entries have been entered
Press the RESET button to start over
>>Click here to return to the Weekly Page


This page is designed to help those who have not signed up on a sign-up sheet but wish to have their names added to the list
for Winter tee times. If you sign up on a sheet please do not also sign up here and likewise, if you sign up here, please
do not put you name on the sign-up sheet as well.

To enter data click within a box, the text within the box will be highlighted.
Then you can start typing and the data within the field will be replaced by the information you type.
* For problems or comments please contact Bill Hopp at