The Graeagle Meadows Women's Golf Club(GMWGC) Handicap Committee
met on Tuesday, June 19, at Graeagle Meadows Golf Course.  The
committee consisted of Ellen Fearing (Handicap Chair), Carol Miller (Rules
Chair), Dee Walker and Bev Reynolds (Play Day Chairs), and Lorraine
Cornish and Gail Nelson (members at large).

The first item of business was the re-rating of individual holes for the red
and red/green combo tees as prescribed by the USGA for local handicap
committees.  We thank Lorraine for compiling data from over 280 scores for
the red tees and over 90 scores for the combo tees.  She has agreed to
collect additional data for the combo tees until we achieve the USGA's
recommended sample size, at which time we will reassess.

Based upon the data collected, the holes were re-rated based primarily on
difficulty as indicated by strokes over par on the scores reviewed.   The new
ratings will be entered into the Graeagle Golf Handicap Information Network
(GHIN) computer and will only be effective on games where “pops” are
needed to determine a winner.  The GMGC official score cards will not be
changed at this time.  When pops are required, score cards will be printed
from the course computer for use with the new ratings reflected.  Bob Klein
has a copy of the data compiled by the committee and the new ratings we
have adopted.  When the current official cards are exhausted (probably at the
end of this season), he will present the new ratings to the owners, but
indicated they will have the final say in as to what is posted on the score
cards they provide.