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July 8, 2012

GMWGC members from Ellen Fearing, Handicap Chair

Please accept my apology for the information I posted on the GMWGC website
regarding the posting of scores between Arizona Women’s Golf Association
(posted to the IGN handicap system) and California scores (posted to the
GHIN handicap system).  My statement was verbatim what I was told by PWGA
Handicap Director Marsha Loomis and she indicated this was what I was to tell
my members.

However, when further questions arose, she finally conferred with an AWGA
rep and the PWGA President and has issued the following statement which
she recommended I pass on to other Graeagle area clubs as coming directly
from PWGA:

In trying to find a resolution regarding this topic of cross posting, I
spoke to Caroline O’Brien, Executive Director of PWGA and Logan
Erickson, Director of Membership and Services for Arizona Women’s
Golf Association.  
The correct way to post out-of-state scores is:  A player “must post”
every round of golf they play, whether it be in California or Arizona or
other states. (See Section 5-2a of the USGA Handicap Manual Section).

Method of posting scores can be done at the handicap computer,
usually located at the Clubhouse where the round of golf was played, or
at the web site.  A player who plays an Arizona course
must post at the Arizona Kiosk machine and “manually post” their
scores online at using their USGA GHIN number. This
ensures their Handicap Index will be correct and up-to-date in the USGA
GHIN system.  Since PWGA Association does not currently “link” into
the Arizona Golf Network and AWGA does not “link” into the GHIN
system, this currently requires players to “double post” their scores for
both states.

Now for the good news.  Logan Erickson stated the Arizona Women’s
Golf Associations will be switching from IGN to the GHIN system in
October 2012.  He also stated he will notify all Arizona Women’s Golf
Association members regarding this matter within the next few months
and will outline the procedure that will need to take place at that time.  
Marsha Loomis
PWGA Handicap Director

The BEST news is after October 2012, we will no longer have to deal with this
problem as all scores from here and from Arizona will be posted to the same
 For now, AWGA members, please see the following:

1)  The AWGA members that I know about are Sharon Rogers, Carol Miller,
Carla Gibson, Donna Swanson, Kathy Sipel and Diane Trainer.  If there are
others, someone please let me know their names so I can contact them
personally regarding this issue.   Many have already posted their AWGA
scores to GHIN and I have spoken with those who have not posted their
Arizona scores to GHIN and asked that they do so.

2)  Because AWGA will be going to GHIN in October, it is not necessary for
you to post your GHIN scores to IGN as the switch will capture those scores.
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