"thumbnail" ((small)) click on it to enlarge it)                

Right click anywhere on the enlarged photo

3. Left click on "save picture as...."

4. Probably your photo file will come up.  If it does not, you need to
choose a file from the list on the on left side of screen. Write  down
what that file is so that you'll be able to find your photo later.  The
simplest thing is to save it to your desktop; you can drag it into the
appropriate file later.  

5.In the narrow horizontal box after "File Name", type a name for the
photo, i.e. "gminvitl2009" (without the quotation marks) .  Write down
the name you gave the photo. If you cannot find it later, you can
always do a search for it.

6.Click "SAVE" button.

The picture is now yours to keep/print/attach and send to others. It
can be resized, cropped, edited, etc.

You may do this with a photo you have downloaded or you may do
this to a photo that is not downloaded, but which you must  bring up
onto  your monitor screen.

If the photo has been downloaded, just bring it up and then go to
"print".  You'll be given options for sizes, number, etc..

If you wish to print a photo without downloading, put your cursor
(arrow) anywhere on the photo on your screen and right click. Now
left click "print picture.."   Because you did not download it, you have
no choice regarding size. The printed photo will be the same size as
the enlarged photo on your screen.  (This process will work on just
about any photo you ever see on any website.  If a photo is
surrounded by extra material that you do not want, just be sure that
your cursor is on the photo that you want to print  when you right

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