April 22: A Welcome Back, Green Warm Up
Wear green; play green
Tee off from all green tees
Be sure to post your score from GREEN tees

April 29 : Ace of Ace Qualifier
Individual net scores
There will be an overall ace winner
each month; those winners will
have a final playoff at the end of the season
Additional game: Par Fantasy

May 6: Low Putts

May 13: General Meeting 9am
Ts & Fs

May 20: Ace of Aces Qualifier
Sweet and Sour

May 25: Multi Club Eclectic
Whitehawk  (TBD)

May 27: Multi Club Eclectic
Three Blind Mice

June 1: Multi Club Eclectic
Plumas Pines (TBD)

June 3: Points for Putts

June 10 and 17: Captain's Cup
Event will be flighted based on Handicaps.
Event will be Match play based on a point system.
1 point if you win the hole
1/2 point if you tie the hole
0 point is you lose the hole.
In you are unable to play your match on the scheduled day, it
may be played any day before the next tournament day.
Results to be called into Chris Laxague so the next playday
pairings can be made.

June 24: Ace of Aces Qualifier
Even Holes Score

July 1: Various Pars
Total your 3 best par 3's, 3 best par 4's,
and 3 best par 5's.  Subtract 1/2 your handicap

July 8: Best 9 holes

July 15:Criss Cross

July 22: Odd 9 Holes

July 29: Ace of Aces Qualifier
3 Little Pigs

August 5: Best Nine - Front or Back

August 12 and 19: Partner Eclectic
(2 person teams)
In each of 2 rounds, teams record their
best net ball on each hole.  At the end of the second round,
they will choose the best ball from both days.  Each team
as 4 opportunities for a good score on every hole.
Please sign up with 2 names in the name slot.  You will pay
$10 sweeps on the 12th and nothing on the 19th.

Aug 26:  Ace of Aces Qualifier
Best and Worst

Sept 2 and 9:  Club Championship
This event is flighted and produces
many winners with several flights.
The overall winner will have the lowest
gross score over the field.

Sept. 16:  Bingo, Bango, Bongo
9:00 General meeting

Sept 23: Final Ace of Aces Qualifier
All the monthly qualifier winners
will compete the following week to become
the 2021 Ace of Aces

Sept. 30:  Ace of Aces Championship
Toss the Bad Hole

Oct. 7:  Turd Tournament


Various Pars
Total your 3 best par 3's, 3 best par 4's,
and 3 best par 5's.  Subtract 1/2 your handicap

Partner Blind Draw
(2 person teams)
Best net ball between 2 players.
You will not know who your partner is
until after the game.  A players will be
paired with C players; B players will
be paired with D players

Three Blind Mice
(for those not in the Multi-Club-Ec)
After the game it will be announced
which 3 holes you may revert to par.

X Sweet and Sour
Total your best 8 scores PLUS
your one worst score.
Subtract 1/2 your handicap

Total only your par 3's and par 5's
PLUS your best par 4.
Subtract 1/2 your handicap

Back and Forth
Compare hole 1 with 18;
2 with 17, 3 with 16 etc
Choose the best of each comparison for
a nine hole score.
Subtract 1/2 your handicap.

Pennies from Heaven
Each player will be given a bag of 18 pennies.
Whenever anyone in your 4-some makes 3 putts, she must
give each player in her group a penny.
The player with the most pennies at the end of the day is
the winner.  

Dice Game
(4 person teams)
At the end of each hole, role the dice
you have been given.  You must use the number rolled
plus any other one score.  If a 5 or 6 is rolled, that is

Odd/Even partners
(2 person teams)
First name on the card will use her odd numbeed hole
scores; Second name will use her
even numbered holes.   
Add the 2 net nine hole scores for a total team score and
subtract your team handicap

THREE best balls on holes #5 and 15
One best ball on odd numbered holes;
Two best balls on even numbered holes

Keep track of all your team's net birds or better.
For each net bird deposit 1 point into your bank
For each net eagle, deposit 2 points.
At end of game, subtract your total banked points
from your team total score.

(4 person teams)
Gross + Net + Putts
Add one gross score, one net score and one putt score
for the team score on each hole.  Each score must
be from a different player.

Keep track of your chip-ins and one putts for
the team.  At the end of the game subtract 2 for
every chip-in and 1 for every one-putt.

Team or individual game
This is good if you need a FAST moving game.
From all par 4's and 5's you tee off
from the 100 yard markers.  On par 3's
you tee off as usual.
For every chip-in you get to subtract
2 from your total team score

All 4 tee off.  The 2 drives that are
closest to the left are partners for this hole;
the other 2 are partners.  Team score for each
hole is the sum of those two best balls.
If more than 2 drives go the same direction,
pick each two that are closest together
as partners for that hole.  

Point Par
Net eagle = 8 pts;   Net bird = 6 pts;
Net par = 4 pts;        Net bogey = 2 pts.